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DescriptionOur mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions within the mobile and IT arena in general which will help our customers to achieve a more efficient management of business processes; facilitate a sustainable development of communities and cities and offer an improved quality of life to citizens. Our goal is to continuously invest in research and development as well as in collaboration with international scientific organisations. Either independently or through partnership with other institutions, we strive towards using these activities to advance existing and create new products.

Out core solutions are in the following domains:

- Smart Cities 
- Smart Transport
- Augmented Reality
- mCommerce
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Fun and Serious games
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year2006

Innovation Projects, EU, H2020

We are currently active in 9 EU-funded projects in the areas of:

- Smart cities
- Smart Transport
- Internet of things (IoT)
- M2M
- Augmented Reality
- Serious Gaming

We are looking for project partners in these areas for H2020 and SME programmes and future calls.

Our current projects are:

- CITI-SENSE – Citizens Observatories and low-cost environmental monitoring, FP7, 2012-2016, http://www.citi-sense.eu/

- SMARTIE – Security Aspects of Smart City Platform, FP7, 2013-2016, http://www.smartie-project.eu/

- FI-CONTENT 2 – FI-PPP Media Platform, FP7, 2014-2015, http://mediafi.org/

- FINESCE – Energy Efficiency, FP7, 2014-2015, http://www.finesce.eu/

- IoTLab – Crowdsourcing aspects in IoT, FP7, 2013-2016, http://www.iotlab.eu/

- MobiWallet – Interoperable transport fare management in EU, CIP, 2014-2016, http://www.mobiwallet-project.eu/

- CLIPS – Open cloud-based services in public administration, CIP, 2014-2016, http://www.clips-project.eu/

- SocIoTal – Social aspects in IoT services, FP7, 2013-2016, http://sociotal.eu/

- WeLive - Open cloud-based services in public administration, H2020, 2015-2018, TBA

Keywords: Innovation projectsR&D projectsH2020SME ProgrammesConsortium partnersHorizon 2020
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ekoNET - Air Pollution monitoring

ekoNET service is designed to provide a complete end-to-end solution for the environment monitoring following the concepts used within the IoT (Internet of Things) domain. The system comprises all necessary components, namely: measuring device (EB800 and/or RPi800), back-end infrastructure (i.e. cloud server) and client applications (web and mobile).

System enables monitoring of the following air condition parameters: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, O3, PM, air pressure, temperature and humidity.

More details at http://ekonet.solutions

Keywords: Air pollution monitoringIoTLow-cost devices for air pollution monitoring
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Custom Augmented Reality development

We create custom Augmented Reality applications for the mobile platforms to be used for:

- Marketing
- Promotion
- Education
- Fun and entertainment

Keywords: Augmented RealityMarketingCustom Augmented Reality applicationsMarketing with Augmented Reality
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AR Genie - Augmented Reality Creator Platform

The AR Genie platform aims to dramatically simplify development and deployment of Augmented Reality (AR) applications by utilizing pre-defined templates, components and modules enabling creation of cross-platform applications with no programming skills and effort required.

Use the platform to create your own custom AR applications using the pre-defined templates:

- Take a photo - scan any image and take the photo with AR content which can be 2D or 3D content (famous person, animated 3D model etc.). This can be used to promote a certain product, event, company etc. Share the photo via email, Facebook or other social media

- Create your own Treasure Hunt game - define sequence of markers and associated clues to create engaging game for your friends, company or general public. Play indoor or outdoor

- Send a postcard or birthday card via email, Facebook or by post. Define your own content to be shown when postcard is scanned

Keywords: Augmented RealityAR Creator PaaSCustom AR applications
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