Andrés Manso

DescriptionIncubio is a startup incubator specialized in early stage projects that use Big Data to offer business processes as a service. We’re an organization designed to help entrepreneurs develop big ideas and to scale internationally. We offer more than just an office space, we provide continuous training for entrepreneurs, a mentors network, finding the best team and all of the necessary services to build a company: design, marketing, legal, and even the search for funding. We have several programs including Gamebcn, the videogame incubator, Yield, our Big Data platform, and Incubio Research, our division dedicated to experimenting with Big Data.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size51-100
Areas of Activities


  1. Application development
  2. Content management
  3. CRM system
  4. Data analysis
  5. Data compression


  1. Business support systems
  2. Education and training

Corporate Incubation Program

Incubio is a startup incubator specialized in Big Data, that has recently begun offering a Corporate Incubation program.

Our Corporate Incubation program helps established companies and government entities that want to start an intrapreneurial project, yet do not have the capacity to do it in-house. We step in to help in whatever way necessary to: Create an innovative spin-off; Develop new products or service;
Improve existing products or services
Provide technical and business support

We can jump in at any stage of the process, such as initial consultation, co-creation workshops, implementation of innovative processes, follow through and more.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. License agreement
Cooperation Requested
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Investment/Financing

Big Data Platform & API

Incubio is a startup incubator specialized in Big Data. Our research department has developed a Big Data platform called Yield.

Yield provides fast and cost-efficient access to a massive repository of data. Yield provides access to a wide range of Big Data technologies and tools, without the necessity to maintain them.

Yield offers: Centralized access to millions of objects from all kinds of public and open data;
A single language for querying our database; Exposes an interface for executing real-time and asynchronous jobs.

Corporations can take advantage of Yield to delegate research; startups use Yield to accelerate early stages of development and university researchers use it in their investigations.