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FundaciĆ³ i2cat

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.03.2015 Monday (11.00h - 13.05h)
  • 02.03.2015 Monday (13.05h - 15.10h)
  • 02.03.2015 Monday (15.10h - 18.05h)
Descriptioni2CAT Foundation is a non-profit research and innovation centre which promotes R+D+i activities in Information and Communication Technologies and Future Internet. The centre stands up for a new open innovation framework, fostering the collaboration between companies, public administration, the academic environment and end-users. i2CAT has a wide experience in multiple national and european R+D+i projects, leading research lines in new fixed & mobile network architectures, wireless sensor networks, and content-based multimedia technologies, with the aim to develop new products, services and applications in the fields of eHealth, SmartCities & Smart Regions, Advanced Manufacturing and Culture/Creativity.
Organization Type Research Group
Organization Size26-50
Areas of Activities


  1. M2M


  1. Application development
  2. Network operating software


  1. Device management
  2. Managed network services
  3. Network Management
  4. Network operator
  5. Network planning and design
  6. Operational support systems
  7. Roaming solutions

Augmented Reality MOVERIO Glasses (EPSON and i2CAT have just created a competence center)

EPSON and i2CAT have joined effort to create a competence center for the support and developement of Aplications and services for the smart MOVERIO glasses of EPSON. We are very itnerested to establish international parnterships

Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. License agreement
  4. Manufacturing agreement
  5. Other
Cooperation Requested
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. Sales / Distribution
  4. Investment/Financing


i2cat is currently offering ehealth tools to different hospitals in Barcelona, helping them to integrate their internal process within new tools that provide telemedicine services with WRTC videoconference integrated solutions.


Smart Cities

i2cat provides a complete set of solutions and knowledge for the deployment and developement of smart cities. we have full expertise on m2m communications systems and pilot set-up in the barcelona area


Research and developement services

we offer research and developement services related to M2M deviced and low ocnsumption communications protocols, smart city sistems and trials,network management, Wireless and Fix SDN. I2cat is also managing the EPSON Moverio glasses competence center for the developement of Applications of augmented reality and 3D for the moverio glasses