Peter Vidos

CEO & Co-Founder

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.03.2015 Monday (11.00h - 13.05h)
  • 02.03.2015 Monday (13.05h - 15.10h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (9.00h - 11.05h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
Descriptionapptalk.ninja is the world's first communication monitoring and debug tool focused on the needs of mobile app developers. It logs and debugs http and also Bluetooth communication solving currently hard-to-track errors of client-server communication and supporting the exploration of the wearables and other IoT technology at once.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2014
Areas of Activities


  1. Application development
  2. Mobile browsers
  3. Mobile entertainment
  4. Mobile security systems
  5. Mobile social networking
  6. Network operating software
  7. VOIP Systems


  1. Device management
  2. Managed network services
  3. Network Management
  4. Operational support systems

Early adopters and partners to enter new markets

I'm looking to build relatioinships with mobile app developers and people/companies that have this target group.