Nicolas Thureau

SOFI Groupe

Bilateral Meetings

  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (15.15h - 16.55h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (9.00h - 11.05h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
DescriptionSOFI Groupe is an electronic After Sales Service provider. Based in the south of France, it is an independent company having an important unit production with more than 6000 m². 

Since we began telephone repair operations in 1986, we assist our many partners throughout the life cycle of their electronic products. SOFI Groupe develops logistics and technology solutions focused on the needs and expectations of its customers. 

The company provides support to manufacturers and distributors around its three core businesses: 
- Individualised Repair Service 
- Batch Repair for the revaluation of swapped product stock (Refurbish) 
- Rework (hardware, software or customization operations). 

SOFI Groupe is working on your side, analyzing your return flows and the continuous improvement of your products.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities


  1. Operational support systems

Bringing your devices back to life

In the Mobile World Congress, we are looking for manufacturers and distributors who need technical assistance for their After Sales Service.