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DescriptionTise [/'taɪz/] noun (derived from advertise) 
An app from Norway for iOS and Android - an instagram of online classifieds - a new type of marketplace with a corresponding online service, updating the current concept of online classifieds and optimizing it for a mobile-first platform. 

tise [/'taɪz'] noun - one tise, many tises 
A small advertise or classified in the shape of a square image with all important details regarding the item(s) advertised projected directly on top of the image. Ideal for sharing to social media. 

tise [/'taɪz'] verb - tised, tising 
Quickly creating your custom, good-looking tise, and easily sharing it to the world. Selling your stuff has become fun again! 

So, just tise it !
Organization Type Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2014
Areas of Activities


  1. Application development
  2. Mobile entertainment
  3. Mobile social networking


We are looking for a partner developer for Android and web-solutions

Keywords: web developmentAndroid development
Cooperation Requested
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation

In app payment solution

We are looking for a payment solution for our app

Keywords: payment
Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation


We are looking for a partner/investor to help us make Tise a global marketplace

Keywords: apponline classifiedsmarketplacesocial mediaadvertisemobile firstbuyselltradee-commercesales
Cooperation Requested
  1. Investment/Financing
  2. Sales / Distribution