Alain Leroy

Pentacle SPRL

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.03.2015 Monday (13.05h - 15.10h)
  • 02.03.2015 Monday (15.10h - 18.05h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (15.15h - 16.55h)
DescriptionPassionate about ICT technologies, I keep on learning and transferring knowledge be it through social networks, curation, training, conferences or face 2 face. I'm eager to apply ICT technologies to all domains making sure the integration is smooth and efficient from a technology perspective but also from a human and financial perspective. On a daily basis, I focus on the acquisition, usage and integration of ICT technologies at my customers (and myself, of course). I can play 3 roles in a company: - As a member of the board to align the ICT strategic vision to the business and market requirements; - As a member of the management committe helping the general management defining a strategic vision for the use of ICT technologies in the company; - As change manager for implementing the ICT strategic vision in company's projects. I'm open to any inquiry, be it in Belgium or abroad. Spécialisations :The Internet: Social, Commercial, Informational; Cloud Computing: Business Models, Product definition; Negociations; Broad IT market knowledge;
Organization Type Consultant
Organization Size1-10
Areas of Activities


  1. Business support systems
  2. Education and training
  3. Network planning and design
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Systems integration

Mobile / Web development company

Need a company to develop a mobile / web application for the automotive sector.

Keywords: iOSAndroid
Cooperation Requested
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation


Seeking a business partner for a small product targeted at the european market and sized for SMEs?

Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
  3. Sales / Distribution
  4. Investment/Financing

National product representative

Seek licensing opportunity for product/service related to home technologies and, if possible, technology used at home to support elderly people.

Cooperation Offered
  1. License agreement
  2. Sales / Distribution
  3. Investment/Financing