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DescriptionHelixion provides consultancy, bespoke developments, troubleshooting expertise, training and knowledge transfer to businesses seeking to move their contactless products and services on to mobile.  

Established 2002, we have built up in-depth knowledge and understanding of the whole eco-system and its different stakeholders. This expertise adds real value to our client developments enabling a faster and smoother route to market.
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Organization Size11-25
Areas of Activities


  1. Application development
  2. Content management

Tap • Transact • Trust - Enabling contactless products and services on to mobile

Helixion works with companies that typically provide services via plastic cards (such as banks, transit operators, access control providers) to move those services onto mobile; and to then unlock the value-add that mobile can bring both to the end users and the service providers themselves.

lok-MPL allows contactless products and services to be developed rapidly and cost effectively through a consistent and easy-to-use programing interface. lok-MPL supports both Visa and MasterCard payments with American Express under development. Initially developed to support payment the platform has been extended in 2014 to support access control, loyalty, ticketing and transport.

lok-Framework: a comprehensive suite of conformance test tools for mobile contactless payments

Helixion’s strength is its indepth knowledge and understanding of the whole ecosystem and its different stakeholders. Our knowledge of this complex environment means we can deploy product and services onto mobile more smoothly and rapidly.

This knowledge is encapsulated into our lok-MPL technology; which will integrate across all the different wallet architectures so Service Providers can integrate their products and services more easily, faster and at a lower cost than having to develop their products and services to integrate with each one individually.

We are interested in speaking to various organisations including Solution providers, Technology Providers, System Integrators, Card issuers, TSMs, HCE Solution providers, Token providers.

Keywords: contactlesspaymentsaccess controlsecurityconsultancy