Jordi Alonso

Automatic TV

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.03.2015 Monday (15.10h - 18.05h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (15.15h - 16.55h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (15.15h - 16.55h)
DescriptionGlobal corporation focused on media and entertainment with a 360ยบ view (content creation, content acquisition, content sales, production, distribution, exhibition, engineering).
Organization Type Company
Organization Size250+
Founding Year1994
Areas of Activities


  1. Application development
  2. Data analysis
  3. Mobile entertainment
  4. Mobile social networking
  5. MobileTV

Distributors of automaticTV and VirtualArena

We are looking for distributors worldwide on those territories we don't have presence

Keywords: DistributorsSalesAgreementsFranchises
Cooperation Requested
  1. Sales / Distribution

AutomaticTV: sports production system without crew involved. Live video generation at a low cost

AutomaticTV is an automated production system, enabling non professional sports, minor leagues, minoritary sports and even training sessions, to be recorded and streamed on a low cost budget.

Keywords: TVProductionAutomaticSportsWeb TVStreamingFullHDEncoding
Cooperation Offered
  1. License agreement
Cooperation Requested
  1. Sales / Distribution

VirtualArena: Football Second Screen Experience

Virtual Arena is an app for iOS and Android platforms, at this moment covering the LFP (Spanish Professional Football League).
We look for broadcasters, right holders and media companies worldwide interested in deploying such a service in their territories.

Keywords: VirtualFootballSecond ScreenLFPMediaproTVBroadcastInternetiOSAndroidTabletSmart PhoneStatisticsReal TimeTracking
Cooperation Offered
  1. License agreement
Cooperation Requested
  1. Sales / Distribution