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Bilateral Meetings

  • 02.03.2015 Monday (13.05h - 15.10h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • 03.03.2015 Tuesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (11.05h - 13.10h)
  • 04.03.2015 Wednesday (13.10h - 15.15h)
DescriptionBDMultimedia (Euronext:ALBDM) is specialized in Premium Services and Freemium Model Monetization, providing a large range of international payment solutions for web and native applications : Premium Rate Calling, Premium SMS, Carrier Billing, Mobile Payments, Prepaid Cards, Credit Cards, Wallets etc.

Our services StarPass and PayDuo offer 20+ payment methods in 30+ countries under a single technical solution, enabling our customers to monetize digital content.
Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year1986
Areas of Activities


  1. Mobile financial services

Payment services under a single solution for Content Providers, Game Companies, App Developpers

We are providing payment services (20+ payment methods in 30+ countries) under a single technical solution for digital content providers, online game companies and mobile application developers.

Keywords: PaymentWalletSMSAPIOnline GamesContent ProvidersApp DevelopersApp
Cooperation Offered
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Technical co-operation

Local Payment Solution Providers and Facilitators in Europe

As Payment Aggregator, we are looking for payment players in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey (local payment system, prepaid, wallet, carrier billing) for local partnerships.

Keywords: PaymentSMSWalletPrepaid
Cooperation Requested
  1. Sales / Distribution
  2. Technical co-operation