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High Tech Engineering Center (HTEC) is engineering company specialized for software development, custom electronics and embedded systems development. The company was founded in September 2008 and has two development centers in Serbia, in Belgrade and in Nis. Leveraging on top technology talent empowered with business and analytical skills we are providing highest possible quality as a technology provider and are focusing on clients who are always looking for quality over cost and quantity and appreciate such approach.

With the best talent on board and having a large pool of satisfied international customers HTEC was awarded by Deloitte as the 3rd fastest growing technology company in Central and Eastern Europe for the period over last 4 years (Deloitte report:

The key for success is entrepreneurial mindset and culture we are building in HTEC that enables us to select the best engineers in the region to expand our innovation and development potentials being able to solve the most critical problems our clients have and provide technology solutions that is a backbone of their businesses.

Since its funding HTEC was providing development services for large corporate customers and for the set of Venture backed startups mostly from USA and EU proving top quality of services from one side flexibility of development processes from the other side.

HTEC has multidisciplinary teams with the set of references covering multimedia, telecom, web commerce, telemedicine, online / mobile lottery, utility management software, payments, etc. with client base in USA, Germany, Austria, UK, Nigeria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland.

We can provide from the scratch development of software or custom electronics products, from idea to market deployment and further with constant live support.

Let us help you reach your goals!

Organization Type Company
Organization Size51-100
Areas of Activities


  1. Embedded mobile


  1. Application development


  1. Outsourcing

HTEC Telemedicine Solutions

HTEC developed new, breaking through tele-medical hardware and software solution for fast and simple detection of minor and serious heart deseases. This solutions is called Humeds and it enables simple and comfortable ECG recording, anytime and any place. With this device user is able to easily capture good quality ECG signals and transmit those to the patient’s records stored on the cloud. In addition, these signals can be automatically downloaded to the specialist’s mobile or tablet device and reproduced in a most convenient way (only parts of the ECG signals which are relevant for the diagnosis are being presented to the doctor). HTEC also developed a set of advanced DSP algorithms which are used for the automatic diagnosis when cardiac problem occurs. This automatic diagnosis system is an important part of our value proposition in regards to HUMEDS since it enables the system to automatically detect the time when arrhythmia occurs and to automatically classify specific sort of arrhythmia. This is helping doctors to speed up the process of diagnosis determination so that the patients can get the feedback on their mobile phones as soon as possible. These algorithms are the core part of our technology and this part of the system empowers us with the clear competitive advantage on the market. Our system which is based on the cloud and our own IP with custom made devices, software and algorithms, enables us to quickly adjust it in accordance to partner’s requirements and business model.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
  3. Sales / Distribution

E-Wallet Solution

HTEC developed easily customizable E-Wallet platform as the complete cloud based turnkey solutions which enables any entity to have its own virtual money currency and to charge and organize real online transactions between various types of users. Virtual money that flows throughout the system has exact amount of real money injected in the system by the users. Each user has its own dedicated e-wallet account. Main entity in the system is platform holder. He offers usage of the e-wallet platform to its end customers through services that are provided directly by the platform holder or through services of other service providers with which he has agreement. In return to using the e-wallet platform, service providers are paying the fee. Fee is based on the configurable percentage of all transactions made within the platform that results in using the services of the provider by end customers. All services are exposed to end customers through different channels like POS terminals, ATMs, web applications and mobile applications.

Any kind of company, which wants to charge their products and services online and use various sales and distribution channels and partners, will find this solution very valuable.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
  3. Sales / Distribution

Mobile Sports Betting Solution

HTEC developed new mobile Sports Betting platform as the complete cloud based turnkey SaaS (software as a service) solution designed for the existing betting houses who would like to enable more comfortable mobile service for their customers or to open an additional revenue stream attracting players who wouldn’t otherwise engage in sports betting. This solution enables new users to get engaged with couple of clicks on their mobile phones. Additionally, this solution is perfect for the new sports betting houses which can ramp up in no time and start generating revenue right away.
Mobile sports betting applications solution, developed by HTEC, enables users to directly bet on various events regarding the numerous sport games and matches. The bets can be placed before the game starts but also live during the matches (in-live betting). Apps have the similar functionalities as William Hill mobile application which was used as the role model. Users can put bets, follow results and withdraw the winnings directly on their mobile phones (all clients supported). This solution is enabling sports betting providers with the intuitive, easy to use, customizable admin panel with embedded dash board with all the relevant real-time data and the possibility to control the offered odds and game plays in every single match. Betting tickets could be paid and submitted online by the users directly via their mobile phones, web application or via smallshops/agents which can use our special application on their tablet devices or old fashioned desktop PCs. Mobility of the agents are enabled fully since tickets are in this case printed via bluetooth connected mobile printers. HTEC offers whitelabeling of the existing solution with the customization of the design and all current or potential new features features as well as implementation of the additional game plays.

Technology stack:
The apps are developed in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Black Berry version and the design is responsive for all versions of OSs and screen sizes. Backend of the application is developed using proven .Net enterprise solution with II7 application server and MySQL database engine. Terminals are developed using JavaSE so different operating systems are supported by default.

Offered business model:
Yearly license and/or revenue share on the basis of the transactions made by the users throughout the system

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
  3. Sales / Distribution

Smart Water Management Solution

HTEC developed mobile Water Management Solution (SWMS) which consist of our great quality, low cost and easy to implement hardware solutions and cloud and mobile based software platforms. SWMS represents a complete turnkey solution which enable Water Distribution Companies with many benefits among which: remote water consumption data gathering and analysis, remote activation and deactivation of users, water consumption forecasts, easy detection of revenue leakage and fraud etc. Besides improved quality of service which is guaranteed by this system, great customer experience is enabled by our “customer self-service” web and mobile apps (all OSes supported) with which customers can easily manage their water usage and their accounts, control their consumption, build their water schedules, switch between tariffs, order and pre-pay the the water etc.
We are looking for smart partnerships in order to distribute this significant product on the market.

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. License agreement
Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation
  2. Sales / Distribution

Web and mobile applications development

Offering high quality desktop, web and mobile (Android, iOS, Windows mobile and BB) applications development at affordable price, HTEC is a perfect technology partner for companies which want to develop new products, redesign existing ones or expand their teams and reduce development cost keeping the quality on a highest level at the same time.
We offer complete service in specifying, developing, maintaining, redesigning and integrating software applications in various technologies in web, desktop and mobile domain.
Following the rule of first solving the problem and then writing the code, we give special attention to system architecture and project planning prior to development in order to avoid errors and scalability problems in later phases. As a result of detailed planning and continuous project management we maintain a high level of quality in every solution we deliver.
The whole process is very simple from the start till the end: first we provide the detailed proposal on the basis of the client’s request, than we make a setup of the system in order for the client to track progress on a daily basis and only after that we are executing the project. We are charging only on the executed working days. Why do our clients decide to cooperate with us on a long term basis? It’s because we think of ourselves as the partners in the project and we are always first to give a feedback about the client’s ideas and the features which are ought to be built. We would actually tell the client not to waste time and money if we believe that something should be done differently. It’s about building trust and providing the value from the start till the end of each and every engagement.
We make sure that our clients get innovative, high quality but cost effective solutions putting them in front of competition to achieve the long term successes.
Let us help you reach your goals!


Embedded Systems Development (Embedded Software and custom electronics)

HTEC has a great experience and competence in design of embedded systems, mostly used for advanced digital signal processing applications. HTEC offers from the scratch prototype development, which means integration of custom made hardware, PCB boards, drivers, software, and applications, along with algorithm development with FPGA or DSP implementation. We have developed many solutions with integrated hardware and customized software in order to optimize performance of the systems including security, automation, entertainment and medical devices.
We offer complete service in system level designing, developing, maintaining, redesigning and integrating products as modules of large existing systems.
In order to successfully implement such projects HTEC has multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled embedded design engineers enabling us to offer set of services in following domains:
- System Level Design
- Digital Signal Processing
- Low level software development (Firmware development)
- Custom Electronics Development

Cooperation Offered
  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation

Partners for EU funded projects

With valuable experience in development and implementation of EU funded projects, we are looking for new partners and opportunities to provide the value participating in the multinational consortiums organized around the innovative R&D projects.

Cooperation Requested
  1. Technical co-operation