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Branded Mini-Game Studio is a free online platform that allows you to build and customise your own advergame.  Enhance your advergame further with premium features, selecting from 50+ templates and add-on social features, such as score leaderboards or ‘virtual lives’ features and engage users with call-to-action e.g. watch video or visit website. Once built, your branded game runs perfectly across multiple devices.

Our latest results speak for themselves:

•             75% game completion rate

•             33% replay the game with an average of 10 replays per person

•             31% provide personal information within the game

•             6% CTA Click-through-rate after the game play

Organization Type Company
Organization Size51-100
Founding Year2005
Areas of Activities


  1. Mobile entertainment
  2. Mobile social networking


  1. Mobile advertising and marketing

Social Branded Mini-Games

Experience the easiest way of making an advergame for your brand. And it’s free.

Customize your own branded games by using a drag-and-drop advergame builder in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Select your game template - Choose a game template from 50+ game templates in our online store. Pick from multiple interactive gameplay mechanics using swipe, jump, pick and many more.

Step 2: Customise your mini game - Personalize the mini game to your brand’s look and feel by uploading your logo and product / brand images, add text or change colours.

Step 3: Add social gaming features - Select from our various social connectivity gaming options to engage with your users and their friends, ranging from social network log-in and shares, to leaderboards, virtual ‘lives’ and minimum game score challenges!

Step 4: Select a call-to-action - Add a call-to-action to further convert your mini game users to visit your website, download a discount voucher, fill in a form or watch a video.

Step 5: Publish your mini game - Distribute your mini game through multiple channels with your mini game URL through SMS broadcast, ad networks, online banners, native apps, social networks etc.

Simple Solution. Impactful Result.

One social advergame can bring a lot to your brand:

- 75% of recipients complete a Branded Mini-game advert. Comparing to 25% of video ad’s being watched from start to finish, your key message will be fully delivered to your audience

- 33% of the players replay the game - With an average of 10 replays per person, your brand is being exposed over and over again

- 1 in every 3 players voluntarily provide additional information within the game, making branded game an ideal advertising media to gain users insight and data

- 6% CTA Click-through-rate after the game play - our advergame gets your audience engaged, to become more endeared to your brand to continue to explore what your brand can offer them.

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